Inspiring Documentaries

These two documentaries show the style I would like to produce in my film. I would like to re-produce the style of Raw and reproduce the quirkiness of Faith.

Graham Clayton-Chance – Raw

Tiddo Roozendaal – Faith


Definition of Perfection & Propaganda

The meaning of perfection can have a different definition in each of our minds but we are subconsciously influenced by the media what, perfection really is. The media puts images of young, beautiful skinny girls who are photoshopped after. This makes it more desirable and harder for us to achieve or never achieve. As the media puts out certain images, it can be classed a propaganda. The images the media put out on, what is perfection is causing harm more than ever and this should change. We should be able to define what we class as perfection and what the media says it is.


Severe Causes/ Insecurities Caused By Media Influence!

These two mood boards show the insecurities and severe causes it may have. Being influenced by the media can be something caused over time and eventually have a psychological consequence. Most people don’t know they’ve been influenced by the media and has affected them subconsciously. The media puts specific pictures of the ‘perfect body’ and this is what young and older women aspire to be. Anorexia,Bulimia and Body dysmorphic disorder is something that has been caused more in the younger generation as they aspire to be thinner and thinner like models they see in magazines. It may also be other body parts they want. Continuous surgery has been another cause by the media as not just young women but older women and men have the ambition to try to keep that young nutritional look which leads to them looking distorted and un human like.

Anorexia & Bulimia

Surgery Gone Wrong

Women/Models In the 50’s compared To Models Now

Models in the 50’s were healthy curvy inspiring women in my opinion. Although now a days most models meet the criteria of anorexia, and the sizing of previous models would be classed as plus sized models. This is an example of the bad influences the media can have on women as it telling the women that being healthy and curvy is FAT and being quite skinny is the ideal body.

50's ladies

Models now